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Beginner’s Guide to the TOEFL Independent Essay

Beginner’s Guide to the TOEFL Independent Essay

This guide is for low-level students writing their TOEFL that is first independent. Advanced students might wish to skip straight to our advanced guide.

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(note, students pretty quickly may wish to skip right to our TOEFL essay templates)

Begin by making an overview of your essay. Glance at the picture below:

The student starts by writing a point that is“main at the top the chart. This is her “answer” into the relevant question posed by the exam.

Below the main point the student writes two “reasons” to aid the main point. They are broad and not too specific. However, they must be unique. The causes shouldn’t be comparable to each other.

Below each one of the reasons, the student writes two “details.” they are more specific. They offer the good reasons and explain why they have cited the reasons. They may likewise incorporate examples from the student’s life that support the reasons.

Here’s an example outline for the question: “What is the gift that is best to provide to a child?” It was compiled by an actual student.

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